cumulative word count

Suggestion: cumulative word count of files within folders.

In other words, Chapter One Folder, for example, has 10 documents within it.

In addition to seeing the word count for each individual document, I’d like to see the overall total for the folder/chapter.

This might need to be a preference you could switch on or off, but I know I could sure use it!


Project Statistics provides a word/character count for the binder selection, and you can also use Edit Scrivenings to get a count for whichever documents you want in any combination.

That’s the answer I needed–thanks!


I was having the same problem as the original poster, and I’m also glad to know the Project Statistics option is there–I hadn’t noticed it before.

I think the original request would still be useful though. I have a folder for each chapter and a text for each scene. It’s nice being able to compare the different scenes within a chapter to see which scenes are longer or shorter than others; it would be quite useful to be able to compare chapter lengths at a glance in the same way to make sure they’re all roughly similar lengths.

Click on the chapter folder and hit the Edit Scrivenings button (shortcut is cmd-opt-1). The usual word count location at the bottom of the editing frame will now show the combined count for all documents contained in the folder.