Cumulative Word Count...

Greetings. Happy New Year. Is there a way to see the cumulative word count for an entire document (not just for individual files) while viewing sub-documents (see attached example)? It would be very handy.

Hi Joseph,

You have a few choices.

If you moved your documents into a containing folder, then in the Outliner the containing folder will show the total word counts for the sub-documents.

Or you can view word counts for the project via Project Targets: Project > Project Targets. Or by Project Statistics: Project > Project Statistics.

ETA: Yet another way is to view all the documents in a Scrivenings session, and you’ll see the cumulative word count in the editor’s footer.

Do any of those give you what you’re looking for?


Many thanks Jim. This gives me a few viable options for a total word count. Many thanks.