Cure for Perfectionism

I’ve been using Scrivener for about two months to write a scholarly monograph, and I can’t sing its praises enough. I’ve tried out several other programs, but they have always ever been partial solutions; Scrivener answered all of my needs.

My PhD is in Rhetoric and Composition, and, based on my experiencing with it, I think Scrivener would be a great addition to a First Year Writing Program’s pedagogical quiver. I think it would help young writers focus on their argument, on the big picture. Many college writers get lost in a kind of perfectionism in which they focus on the words they are using instead of the argument they are developing. I think this program would help instructors and their students focus on the more productive scale of writing, which is the argument.

My own productivity has jumped considerably because of the ways in which this app let’s me focus on the big picture. What I’ve learned while using Scrivener is that the problem with word processors is the myopic focus on the page in front of you. With Scrivener, I focus on the argumentative forest, not the trees.

Great program.