Curious about new full screen options

This is just me being curious about the Composition mode options in Scrivener on Lion. I haven’t installed lion on my ancient circa-2006 MB pro because of it’s limited gestures capability, mostly, so I can’t experiment to find this out. I don’t think.

So in the settings, you can go to the Compose tab and there are options under “Composition Mode Set-up”. There’s a check-box for “Full Screen uses secondary screen.” My main question is, does this apply to composition mode, Full screen mode, or both? I’ve heard it can be a bit tricky to use multiple windows of an application in Lion’s Full screen.

Yeah, that label has been fixed. :slight_smile: In the Compose tab, everything in there relates to Composition, not Lion full screen (and you won’t see any of those settings unless you are actually on Lion). The only Lion full screen settings are in Appearance & Editor. They let you used Fixed Width editing (useful for large widescreen monitors so you don’t get lines of text that are two feet long) and you can also use a different set of application colours for full screen—so you can set up an easy day/night mode. Featurewise, saved layouts will recall if they were saved while in FS or no, and will acquire a separate icon when saved in FS. This lets you set up and enter FS via the layouts toolbar button or the main menu and adopt a different workflow while there.

What you’ve heard is accurate—full screen is useless if you typically utilise more than one monitor. Who does that, after all, this an OS designed to turn your computer into an iPad, not make it more powerful. :wink:

Exactly. Lugging around an over-sized smart phone was cool, but if you really want to stay hip, now you bring around your whole desktop. All the rage at the coffeehouses and airports. 8)

It’s the new black.

The new black. Ha!

I’ve been reading up a bit, and it seems that if you start out with multiple windows (say with quick reference windows and/or Project notes windows) before you go to full screen, you can move those to the other monitor. Is that true? Would that kind of setup be saved with the Layouts feature?