Current Draft in Full Screen crashes Scrivener

My plan was to read through in Full Screen to get some on-screen defamiliarisation before doing battle with my aged printer.
When I loaded the whole manuscript, Scrivener just crashed, leaving me in the Desktop. I’ve tried this several times with the same result. I’m running 8gb of memory in Windows 10. My display driver is up to date, but I have the minuscule synopsis font issue, and haven’t been brave enough to run the fix yet. I don’t remember this happening on my old laptop, which had 3gb in Windows 7, but it’s quite possible I never tried to put the whole Current Draft in Full Screen.
It has occurred to me that I might have been expecting too much; the manuscript is 118k words in over 300 Scrivenings. I loaded one Part - over a third of the total- without crashing, though I didn’t attempt to work on it - better safe than sorry…
This isn’t a massive problem; I can easily work on smaller chunks. But I thought I’d ask, in case there’s something I can do (that isn’t too scarily complicated) or it’s a bug you want to fix.
I’ve found Scrivener very stable otherwise, and I’m very glad to have it. Thanks!