Current Index Card' notes vanish on switch to Scrivenings :(

I was working in corkboard view today, rapidly typing notes along for several dispersed ideas.

While admiring some rather clever turns of phrase, I wanted to immediately develop the work on the those and so I clicked in the view tab at the top, and clicked on the scrivenings button, expecting to then see the note over on the right in the inspector.

Turns out that the text I had typed on the index card wasn’t appearing in the inspector. Then, I returned to the index card view, and behold the text was not on the face of the card, either! :open_mouth:

Seems like there’s a bug in the way the switch from index card view to scrivenings works as I was able to replicate it just now. To reproduce the bug: 1) go to corkboard view, make a new card, type anything on the card face (not the title, but the notes section). 2) click the “scrivenings” button at the top (the icon to the left of the three view group) 3) new text is deleted / not saved 4) confirm by returning to index card view.

This behavior does not occur if switching to outline view. Only when going to scrivenings from index card.

Fortunately, I nearly recovered that flash of brilliance by typing it right away and saving this bug report for now.


Works OK for me. Don’t forget that if you’re writing in Corkboard mode, you’re looking at the children or subdocuments of the item selected in the Binder. If you then press the Scrivenings/Group View button, the relevant synopsis is the synopsis of the parent document of those children (so obviously if that parent doesn’t have a synopsis you won’t see one).

Not sure what you might have done after that, but if you went up the Binder hierarchy, you may have settled on a document without a synopsis, and of course if you went down, your new subdocuments wouldn’t have had subdocuments, and therefore synopses, themselves.


Thanks Hugh, but that has nothing to do with the problem I found. I’m on an index card, I double click on the face of it and type. If I then click on the Scrivenings icon under group mode, the text I just typed is lost.

If, however, instead of going to scrivenings view, I go to outline view, the text I just typed on the face of the index card is saved.

Thus, there is a glitch in the process that takes you from index card view to scrivenings that does not preserve the contents of the active text container on the index card.

Sub documents and the relationship of that card to other documents has nothing to do with it. It’s purely when there is an active text field on an index card into which new text is typed, if you click over to scriveneings view, that modified tax on the index card is lost.

Try it, you’ll see. 2.02 on both my MBA and iMac did the same thing.

Thanks, I’ve reproduced this and added it to the list of bugs to fix (hopefully I’ll fix it for 2.0.3, but that is already overdue; otherwise definitely for 2.0.4). In the meantime, just ensure you hit return or Esc to end editing before switching to another mode - in general it’s best to do that anyway, as this ensures that edits are committed in OS X controls in general.

Thanks again and all the best,

thanks Keith!

Now that I know it’s there, I’ll be careful!