Current Line Highlight Color in Dark Mode

While in Dark Mode, changing the Current Line Highlight color has no effect.

If I want to change the color, I need to switch to light mode, change color, then go back to dark mode. However, preferences still show the old dark mode highlight color.

I cannot reproduce this problem. I have no problem changing the current line hight colour in Dark Mode, whether editors are kept light (using the “Light Editors” colour preferences) or dark (using the “Main Editor” preferences). Could you please provide the steps necessary to reproduce the bug?

Ohhhhh … there’s a Light Editor preference too! Now everything works. I didn’t expect a separate set of options, but that’s a much better way to do things.

I wonder if the Light Editor item should be right under the Main Editor. Perhaps rename them “Main Editor” and “Main Editor (Light)” so that they’re together alphabetically.

Anyway, thank you!