Current Line Highlight Not Working After Upgrade


Am putting this here rather than in the support forum as I suspect it’s a bug following an upgrade rather than a configuration issue on my part (ready to stand corrected).

Since reinstalling 2.2 on Lion (I did a full system reinstall, upgraded to Lion and then installed Scrivener 2.2) the Current Line Highlight option no longer works in the compose window.

In the editor it works fine.

I have tried restarting Scrivener. I have selected Preferences, Compose, Current Line Highlight and tried Use Default Color as well as trying to set it to a colour of my choice, but nothing works. The current line is not highlighted at all.

I find it a really useful feature when I step away from the screen for a moment and would love to have it back!

Mac OS 10.7.2 (Lion)
Scrivener 2.2

Let me know if you need anything further for troubleshooting.

Thanks so much!


Have you ticked “Highlight current line” in the top-right of the “Compose” pane of the Preferences too? (Nothing was changed in this regard in 2.2 and it all works fine for me.)

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Hi Keith,

Ha ha ha … I said I was ready to stand corrected and I do! :blush:

I don’t remember doing that before, but I probably set that preference right back when I first started using Scrivener.

Yes, all working, sorry to waste your time.


No problem, glad you’re sorted now!
All the best,

I don’t suppose I’ll be posting anything before Christmas, so let me take this opportunity to wish you and your team a happy one and a fabulous new year.

Thanks so much for all your help this year. I really don’t think I would have achieved what I have without Scrivener and the incredible backbone of support you have in place for it.

I really am so happy with the product, I recommend it left and right, and if you ever need testimonials or anything, I’m your girl!!

My deadline was 23rd December for the first draft, but with the sneaking suspicion I would finish early, I brought it forward to this week. Check out this target window. What a joy!!!

Thanks, again, for everything.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.
Best Wishes
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Wow, congratulations!

And happy Christmas to you too!

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