Current line highlighting?

I don’t think it works, but I also can’t find a place to turn it on so it might be operator error. I have the color set in preferences, but nothing happens in the editor.


In my experience, it does work, but it’s much more subtle than it was in v. 2 … which I personally like.



It definitely works. You need to turn it on/off in Preferences > Appearance > Main Editor > Options.

Change the colour in Preferences > Appearance > Main Editor > Colors > Current Line Highlight.


Thanks! Somehow I missed that check box during my tour of ‘Preferences’ last evening. Got it now!

I’m loving 3.0 so far. Now I need to understand how to view what used to be in Project notes as conveniently as I used to view it. I know it’s possible, I just haven’t figured it out yet. I used Project notes a lot in V2. But that’s a subject for another thread if I can’t figure it out.


Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

On finding your way back into a similar workflow with the new Project Bookmarks feature, have you read this blog article yet? I tried to go over each of the core Project Note capabilities and describe their alternatives, but let me know if you used it in a way I never thought of.

Yeah, it’s really quite in your face now with the border around the highlight. That said, I think I’m getting used to it (unlike the new Composition Mode colours which I had to completely rejig immediately).

Yes, it is very much “in your face” now. It was indeed more subtle in version 2.

You could try giving it a little time as well. I noticed it when I started using it a few years ago in early alphas; it was striking even—but if I hadn’t of come across this thread I honestly don’t think I would have consciously thought about the fact that there is a line around the highlight in my life again. :slight_smile: And to clarify: I use this option, which means I’m staring at it every day for many hours of every day.

The block width and blink settings are in Editing: Options (bottom area), and the colour is in Appearance: Textual Marks: Colors, under Insertion Point. I use a 3pt cursor myself.

It took me a while to discover what I had been doing wrong in that there is the separate checkbox under the options tab.
Then when I applied it I discovered that there is now a black line around the line and while that may be ok with some, it’s kind of a “nails on the chalkboard” experience for me. Funny how a small thing can turn a person off if its exactly the wrong thing.

I had to turn the highlighting off, and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a small bug which will get fixed. I’ve always set my Scrivener workspace to be as monotone as possible. When using a light gray background and just a very little brighter gray for the line highlighting the thing black outline is too much distraction.

But everything else so far seems improved. I really like the new cleaner preference pane

A black outline? That does sound more like a bug to me. As noted in my screenshot above, it should be fairly subtle. What are your System Preferences settings like, in terms of accessibility features?

I have it set up as in screenshot below, and to me it’s very subtle. It’s a feature that I never used in Scriv2, but is growing on me because of the border. Who’d be a developer? :smiley:

:question: My question was directed at Pavel, who was saying the border is black, which isn’t expected behaviour. If the border is coming up black on a light background that is a problem that should be fixed, and it would be nice to know what settings are necessary to see it, whether they be in Scrivener or outside of it.

The only way I know of to get it down to black is to set the highlight itself very dark—like it is in default Composition mode settings.

I guess subtle is i the eyes of the beholder :slight_smile:

the only non-default setting in Accessibility is “increased contrast” and “reduce transparency” under Accessibility/display but turning either or both off results in no change.

Incidentally, this is the same under both my desktop and laptop.

switching to a darker highlighting (which would be perfectly acceptable to me - I just like things subtle) does not change the behavior.

I also turned off the “use dark menus and dock” which I favor just in case it was a factor and restarted Scrivener, but that did not change the highlighting neither. It works fine with v2 on the same machines.

It’s not the end of the word for me as I will just turn it off … but I’d love to see it behave as it used to. :slight_smile:

This is a fantastic release btw. I’ve been playing with it for hours and am really impressed.

Thanks for the screenshots. I’d say that’s within the bounds of what it’s meant to look like. I had visions of stark black on stark white which definition wouldn’t have been right. Sorry it’s not the right look for you though.

I read it, but not having the SW to experiment with while I read it was like going through a swinging door that left me in the street no matter which way I went through it.

I never used book marks. I’m not even sure they were there in 2.x (and I’ve deleted it already). Scrivener three stuck my invaluable notes, all 19 documents of them that I used all the time across many chapters and documents into the binder. Absent an understanding, the initial feeling is that I have to sacrifice something else to see, on limited laptop monitor real estate, what was always available in the inspector just by easing the cursor over to the right side so I could glance and go back to writing. Compared to that, quick reference panels are a PITA. I loved project notes, so it’s going to take me a while to get my mind around the destruction of what I considered one of the most genius parts of scrivener.

I have faith that it will turn out that the new way is better, but facing the learning curve, I feel much like a bush must feel when its pruned and the one wielding the nippers claims it’s good for me.

I did manage to get some actual writing done today, which felt good. It’s encouraging that I’ve managed to get the interface set up so that it’s getting more and more transparent. Preferences are much better organized, but it was still a significant task to work though them and get things set up for old eyes.


I share your pain. The darker border color is killing me. The old way in Scrivener 2 was perfect. I don’t know why it’s changed.

All right, so if I understand you correctly, the good news is that you haven’t lost anything in terms of how you want to work. Bookmarks occupy an inspector tab of their own (they weren’t in v2, but there was something somewhat similar that went by the name of References, which they’ve fully replaced). Open the inspector, and then click on the second tab button at the top, the one that is shaped like a bookmark.

There are two kinds of bookmarks: what you see by default here are document bookmarks, they relate to whatever you are inspecting in the active editor—but what you want are project bookmarks—that’s where your project notes went, and what you’ve currently been using QR windows for it sounds like. Click on the “Document Bookmarks” header to switch (or just use Cmd-6 to toggle) to “Project Bookmarks”.

You should now have a list of all your 19 notes. Click on one. That do the trick?

The idea here is that now anything in your binder can achieve the sort of universal accessibility and convenience that project notes had—and not only can they be so accessed universally, but individual documents can have their own hot lists as needed—back in that “Document Bookmarks” list. I myself make heavy use of both types.

There are a lot of intricate little ramifications to the change, but I think the main thing you’re looking for is that sidebar ability to edit and reference ideas no matter what you’re working on. So hopefully solves it. :slight_smile:

Oh, and on the topic of eyes, you can zoom the text in that Bookmarks editor pane. It doesn’t have a drop-down, but the View/Zoom/ submenu works, as well as its shortcuts.

Thanks! That helped. So did the bookmark related documents in the tutorial. Your post, the tutorial and some time to tinker with it has helped a lot. This may indeed turn out to be the better system. At least now I’ve got the vital data I need available again by just moving the cursor over to the edge and have it appear like it used to.

On my office computer, which has three monitors (6 feet of screen for goodness sakes), the quick reference panels can be on a different monitor and that makes them a nice feature. I can get at the information just by moving my eyes, the cursor can stay where it needs to be.

This whole bookmark thing responds well to kinesthetic learning. Your blog post makes more sense to me now. : )


I totally agree. Here, where we concentrate on our writing, there’s a silly border if we want the line highlighted, with no way of turning it off! I can’t get used to it. What a step backwards.