Current position

I have always really appreciated the project targets in Scrivener and being able to easily see how much I have written in the document to be compiled. However I am currently editing a novel and I find that I keep wanting to see how far through I am and it is not nearly as easy.
Might it be possible to add a current position value to the Project Statistics that shows how many words into the project your currently selected text is?

Thank you for your consideration.


Hmm, you mean like an additional line in the section showing the whole draft that, if your editor is showing a chunk of text within the draft, prints a percentage value, like “32%”? That’s may be difficult to actually do, considering how things work. The draft count is in fact a compiled copy of the draft folder, not the actual contents of the draft folder—which might seem an inconsequential distinction, save that what is compiled from the draft may be radically different from what is actually in the draft. Simple example: go into the Formatting compile option pane and disable every checkbox except for “Synopsis”, then check project statistics: it is just a count of the synopsis text from all of the draft items, no actual content text included—so what then would the selected text, which isn’t even being compiled, *mean" in context of that result?

That problem is somewhat conceptual, but the root of it is very technical. The text you selected isn’t literally the text being used to calculate these numbers, but rather a different text entirely. Thus the only way to locate the text you selected would be to look for it in this temporary “document” used to create the count, with something like a text search, which isn’t reliable—after all the text you selected may be the 15th instance of that phrase among 37. And that’s assuming the text as selected even exists as selected—it might have been modified by the Replacements pane, Transformations pane (even an adjusted punctuation mark could mess up a search), etc.