Current state of MMD & docs for Scrivener?

Dear Keith, Amber, and/or Fletcher –

Is there any news on the current state of MMD development and documentation for Scrivener? It all seems to have stopped as of last October’s 2.0a version. I’ve been reluctant to trouble the experts (i.e., you) with various MMD technical and usage questions, expecting to find many of them answered in the next rev of the MMD document. But if I’m ever going to make Scrivener-with-MMD a regular part of my TeX workflow it would comfort me to know how soon to expect post-alpha code and fuller documentation.


PS: I know how insanely busy Fletcher and the rest of you have been; this is not a complaint, just a question…

On MMD issues, I defer to Fletcher… He contacted me recently to say that a 2.0 MMD release is upcoming, but he has other life commitments that are holding things back temporarily. Hopefully there should be news soon.

Meanwhile, if there is anything you need an answer on sooner than later, I can try to field it. I do not have an intimate knowledge of the undocumented features, but I know a bit.

My “real life job” has been really busy the last several months, and I have not had a lot of time to devote to MMD recently. Plus, I am not the best at keeping up with documentation. My efforts to recruit a crack team of writers to help document MMD have pretty much failed miserably at this point.

Which leaves me.

My overall plan for MMD for the next several months:

  • go through a couple of bug fix/feature suggestions in my inbox
  • polish up the install process for Macs and other systems to make it easier
  • update code to 2.0 (I was really hoping for Markdown 1.2 to finalize…

and then, finally, rewrite some documentation.

I hope to have more time to work on this in April and May (I have a 2 month gap between finishing residency and joining the clinical faculty at my hospital). I should have some night and weekend free time in March (haven’t had much lately), so I might get a head start, but I don’t expect to finish it then.

That’s a rough timeline.


(PS> I am still interested in anyone interested in helping to document MMD. :slight_smile:

Great to hear from you, Fletcher. Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Fletcher, I’d be happy to try to squeeze some MMD documentation help into the next… several months. Email me and let me know what kind of help you need. As Keith can attest from my forum feedback, I’m sporadic but almost scarily detail-oriented.

When MMD is updated, should we subscribe to some thread here to get the patch announcement? Or will it be rolled into a Scrivener point release and pushed out via the update channel?

While that will probably happen eventually, you can always have your own version of MMD installed in ~/Library/Application Support/MultiMarkdown. Scrivener will defer to an installation located here, or in the system Library folder, before consulting its built-in distribution as a fall back.

Thanks for the offer - the act of someone else contributing will probably help motivate me to get this stuff done.

I posted to the Announcement Forum about a new release, a new website, and more. To spread the word, I will include it here as well.

PS> AmberV’s response is right on about updating Scrivener. I suggest that Keith waits until 2.0 is final…

I know things have been quiet lately, but I wanted to announce a couple of MultiMarkdown related happenings:

  1. I am in the process of creating a new website, and MultiMarkdown is one of the first things to be moved. The new address is A new look, a new URL, some new technology, and some new content. I have not moved much from the old site yet, but it’s coming. As always, I welcome ideas for how to make it better.

  2. At the new site, you can download the latest versions of MultiMarkdown and the TextMate bundle (2.0a2):

(2.0a2 is now finalized, so even if you have another “a2” version, it might be worth the download)

  1. I have begun working on some new documentation, and it is being placed on the new site. I hope to get a big chunk of new documentation up in the next week or two. More importantly, I am working on some ways to help synchronize the wiki and the more “formal” documentation that will be released, so that it all evolves together.

  2. If you haven’t already, check out (and contribute to!) the MultiMarkdown discussion list:

That’s all I can think of now…