Current status of

Hi Scriveners,
Can anyone shed light on the current status of This file sits in multimarkdown/bin, either within the Scrivener App, or in Library/Application Support/Multimarkdown/bin.

If I understand correctly, it used to be the case that Scrivener called this file when compiling under the Multimarkdown -> LaTeX option. But when I alter this file (in either the Scrivener app or the Library directory, for reasons irrelevant here), nothing happens. In fact, I can remove the lines that call the Multimarkdown executable, and the document still compiles). I am using the the Custom format option, with Multimarkdown -> LaTeX.

Any ideas? Does Scrivener call MMD directly? Is there another script it calls?

PS. I’m using latest Scrivener and latest Multimarkdown.


That file is not used by Scrivener, it does indeed call the binary converter directly for this process. If you are looking to modify what happens when you compile, try using the XSLT checkbox in the Compatibility compile pane, instead. This will use the ‘mmd2tex-xslt’ script in your Application Support folder.

Thanks Amber. I was trying not to change MMD behavior, but to run a shell script whenever Scrivener compiles (w/o resorting to folder watching, hazel, etc.). I thought this would have been a good way to get into there. I suspect that there is no direct way to do it then…


I wasn’t clear enough, with the checkbox I mentioned, Scrivener will use an alternate script file, meaning you can go in and do whatever you want with that script when you compile: run Pandoc, send the file to a colleague, shut down the computer, whatever. :slight_smile:

Compile data is handled with STDIN / OUT.

Update: I found a prior post with a bit more detail.