Current version expired?

The current linux version ( … tgz.tar.gz) seems to have expired yesterday.

Will a new version be released soon, or is there a workaround while we wait?

Same here, current version time-bombed with release of new windows (but not linux) betas. Any hope until the end of the month?

It hasn’t actually expired yet. The internal expiry date is the 30th but the dialog popup was not changed to reflect this. Sorry for the confusion.

A new linux beta will be released before the 30th. Hope that helps.

ETA: It seems there is a problem with the linux version. Check this [url]] for a work around.

Hi all,

Sorry about the difficulties here. The actual expiry date is the 30th, internally, but it seems that’s not enough to make Scrivener happy with the pop-up message. As I posted in the thread Stacey linked to, Lee is working on getting out a new Linux build. It should be out in the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, it’s possible to keep running by resetting your clock to pre-May 15th, opening Scrivener, and then resetting the clock–so long as you don’t close Scrivener it should keep chugging along for you until the new beta is out.

Release 24 has just gone up. You can download it from here; Current Windows & Linux Version: Beta 0.2.4 (Expires 30th June 2011) :smiley:

Thank you for the updated beta release. :smiley: