(Initial bit: Very much appreciate the update. I tried to be the first to register after 1.01, but who knows.)

I’ve tried to search the prior posts and such, and if I’ve overlooked something obvious, well, it would hardly be the first time.

  1. When I first open a saved project, I’m presented with the place where I left off. The cursor is a solid bar at the end of the bit of text I last banged together, no flashing. I can move into the text above and click, and get a flashing cursor there, while the one at the end stays in place, solid. Resizing the document window wipes the odd ghost cursor.

  2. I keep thinking this must be something I’m overlooking, but I keep looking, and nothing as yet.

Window is open, and I’m again using two small bricks, or one brick and a chunky rock, to pound letters into words. While I promise myself there will be none of that glancing back a paragraph and changing the odd word (or even word, even), I sometimes act on impulse and grab the mouse and try to click at the end of the line where I want to do a bit of ill-advised and untimely editing. Nothing happens. I can move a bit closer to the text and sometimes it takes, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve tried changing the R/L margin, but that seems to just give me a wider or narrower area that can’t be clicked within. I’ve tried a few times to figure out what determines how far outside a line I can click to get into the line, but I can’t discover anything allowing a prediction that smacks of more than wild guesses.

I tried the same thing in BBEdit, Mellel, etc. and they all seem to let you click as far out to the right of a line as you can get the little pointy thing to move and still put you at that line.

So, what obvious bit am I missing?

Nothing except for the intricacies of the OS X text system. :slight_smile: The margins are not clickable. This is not Scrivener’s doing - Scrivener defines margins in the standard OS X way. The two programs you mention use their own, custom text systems rather than the OS X one as far as I know - hence the difference. Sorry. :slight_smile: