Cursor behavior in index cards

When working within an index card, and I use the down arrow to reposition the cursor on a different line, I often have to press the down key two or three times to get it to move down the first line. It is as if the system ignores some key presses. I can’t determine whether this is a problem in Scrivener, OS X, or if it is just an attribute of the Macbook keyboard. Does anyone else notice similar behavior?

I certainly can’t recreate this in Scrivener and nor should there be any reason for this behaviour - the index cards in Scrivener just use a text view, so once the cursor is visible at all, it should act exactly the same as in any text view. Is this behaviour occurring anywhere else? For instance, can you type some text into TextEdit and get something similar? It certainly sounds more like a keyboard problem, I am afraid…

I’ve never seen anything like that either; except in the case of keyboard malfunction. It could be some dust or something got in underneath the key that is causing you problems.