Cursor Blink

An option to turn off cursor blinking would be much appreciated.

It would help if you said which version of Scrivener you’re usong, but it’s there under Preferences > Editing on the Mac, and I presume it’ll be there under Options > Editing in the Windows 3 Beta. I have no idea about winsows v. 1.9.x.


There is no such option in Windows Scrivener neither in 1.9 nor beta.

I find it a difficult task actually finding the cursor in a wall of text and would love to see a block type cursor that does indeed blink. I frequently am flipping back and forth between windows etc and when I return to my writing the cursor simply is hard to find within the text wall I was editing. Any suggestions to make it stand out?

Wild how I missed that for so long, thanks!

In v1.9 you can go to Options → Editor → Editor Options and enable ‘Use block insertion point’ then adjust the width of it as much as you like.

In the beta the same option is in Options → Editing → Options

The beta has a setting under File->Options->Appearance->Main Editor called “Highlight Current Line”. With that checked, you’ll be able to see which line the cursor is on (unless you’ve scrolled away from that position).

On the current release, that setting might exist under Tools->Options (if memory serves).