Cursor changed to green, can't change to black!!!

The craziest thing happened to me. My cursor is now bright green. I know how to change the color of the text, that’s easy. I can even change the color of a still waiting cursor to black. But whenever I try typing again, or put the cursor anywhere else in the project, it becomes bright green again.

There must be a simple solution to this but I can’t find it! Can anyone help. This is maddening.

Check the Format/Revision Mode/ sub-menu. Anything there other than “None” have a checkmark? Sounds like you are using a revision pen.

Thanks a million! You were exactly spot on. It was driving me crazy, but all is solved now. At this point I know to beware the revision pen!

Yes, now you know. And it’s a useful feature too, once you know. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re correct. Without doing this screw-up I never would have discovered this revision pen feature. I can see how it would be very nice to use at times.