Cursor control 'macro' app?


After a frustrating evening of surfing for info on this, I’m hoping to tap into the Scrivener ‘hive mind’ - it’s a lot more knowledgeable about these things than I am.

What I want to do is redefine some keystrokes to mimic the old WordStar cursor controls. I’ve done this in Word '04 with macros, but now VBA is gone from the new version so I don’t see any reason to move to the new version, but rather adapt to a more congenial writing app. :slight_smile:

What I’ve looked at:

  • applescript (apparently moving the cursor around isn’t one of its features - one needs menu commands and moving the cursor around the screen doesn’t have any menu commands that I’m aware of; I did find a packet of what were called cursor controls but they were more for moving focus not just a word to the right or left. (Yes, I realize applescript isn’t supported in Scrivener yet… ))

  • emacs (yikes! I’m more geek-ish than geek, so this kind of flummoxed me. I didn’t see (but could have missed) a way to get just a plain doc screen.)

  • typeit4me, typeexpander, etc. (these seem to only expand text strings and such, no way to have ctl+F move one word to the right, for instance)

I may have asked this a while back but I’m hoping there are some possibilities out there. I have Leopard 10.5.5.

Thanks for any and all help. I know it seems silly, but I really do write better if I don’t have to take my fingers off the ‘home’ keys.

Check out QuicKeys or Keyboard Maestro.