Cursor defaults beginning of document

I’m working on a rather large project (a novel) with about 100 documents. I’m in the habit of saving deleted passages of text, so I have a document for every chapter of deleted text. Lately when I switch to one of these documents, the cursor appears at the beginning (top) of the page. I then have to scroll way down to the bottom and click the text and then paste the text that has just been excised from the novel. I’ll then click back to the chapter I’m working on. Then later when I switch back to that same document, the cursor is back again at the top. It’s rather annoying.

I think this is a new problem. What gives?

Hmm, documents should always scroll to the place the blinking insertion point was left. So, if you click into the text, when you return to the text the view should scroll to the place you clicked into. The only exception is scrivenings mode, which cannot remember the insertion point location because it is dynamically built. So, I’m not sure what exactly gives without more information - could you perhaps make a screencast showing the problem?

Maybe I’m going crazy. It doesn’t seem to be doing it any more.

Curious - let me know if it happens again.
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