Cursor disappearing in full-screen mode[BUG LOGGED]

…looked for this in existing reports, didn’t find any that quite matched. If this is a duplicate, many apologies.

If I am in full-screen mode, alt-tab to a different window, and then alt-tab back, Scrivener is still in full-screen mode but the cursor is not there, and shift-arrow to highlight text does not show up. The focus is still in the editor, so typing will show up, but it’s focused on the main editor, not the full-screen version: if I have it set up so that I can see the normal Scrivener window while in full screen mode, I can see the cursor blinking, and can see the blue text of highlighting, all in the background window.

(…in making sure this was reliably reproducible, I managed to get Scrivener into a state where typing in the full-screen editor doesn’t work. I can F11 out to type in the normal editor, but if I F11 back to FS it doesn’t seem to respond. :confused: )

This problem (well, both problems) can be resolved by clicking in the full-screen editor window, so it’s somewhat trivial, but I like my programs, especially writing programs, to behave when used with just the keyboard. (I have mobility restrictions that make using the mouse hard.)

Thanks for good report. I’m able to reproduce both these items and have added them to fix list.

Actually, it seems the alt key, once pressed, stays on. I do alt-FS frequently to save and the cursor disappears from the main window. After reading this I tried typing after the alt-FS, to see if the cursor was still in the window and I just couldn’t see it. I typed H–and the Help menu came up!

So, the sequence was: I pressed alt F (file) S (save). The file saved. Then, if I typed any menu shortcut letter, the menu item came up. Any other letter does nothing. I tried pressing escape (which usually returns me to my regularly scheduled window) but this did not work. I run an HP Mini with XP Home, SP3.

Love the Scrivener product, this is great for a beta version. Thanks!