Cursor disappears when entering Chinese characters

I just installed the Scrivener trial and immediately discovered that, whenever I enter Chinese characters into the editor, the cursor marker symbol (insertion point) disappears. It disappears from all Scrivener texts in my project, not just the one I was editing.

If I completely exit the program and restart it, the marker symbol reappears – until I enter another Chinese symbol, at which point it disappears again. :frowning:

I am using Scrivener in Windows 7 on my desktop PC. I tried installing it on my Dell laptop (also using Windows 7) and encountered the exact same problem.

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, if this is indeed a bug, it makes Scrivener useless for my purposes since I need to compose documents with Chinese characters.

Are you using the Google input method for entering the Chinese characters? There’s a bug with this in Qt (the framework Scrivener uses) which causes the insertion point to disappear as you describe. Using another input method such as Microsoft’s should avoid this.