Cursor doesn't move properly in Inspector Synopsis tab - Bug in 3.1.4

Click in Synopsis and cursor appears there. After this, subsequent clicks or arrow keys do not visibly movethe insertion cursor, although if you type, it goes to the new position

Actually, it doesn’t only on empty lines.
Otherwise it does, but I ended up with two cursors.


In the above example, I wrote something, then hit enter 3 times, and finally moved the cursor back to line one.

Yes I agree - I also ended up with multiple cursors.

Thanks! I think I’ve traced down all the places this can occur (seems to be multi-line plain-text fields in general, including custom metadata).

Curiously, the Outliner’s synopsis editing field works fine. That could be because it is a hybrid, simplified rich text field since the title is drawn in the same view. So that’s something to consider using while we get this sorted.

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Okay, this should be fixed and available on the server. It’s not a formal update, but a patch on the existing installer and update. So grab a fresh copy, and run the installer over your current installation to update it.


It works :slight_smile:
Thank you so much @AmberV - really appreciate the quick patch.

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After opening a project when the Version: (1904123) 64-bit - 18 Jan 2023 update was complete, I noticed that editing text in my index cards on the corkboard behaved strangely. The cursor may or may not appear when clicked for editing, and never flashes when it does show up. Highlighted texts may or may not disappear when highlighting other areas of text.

Note the behavior appears correct for the index card title area.

See above—this bug was fixed in a follow-up build, so you can update your current version by downloading and running a fresh copy of the installer.

did and easy and worked. though cursor in synopsis is slightly smaller than one in editor or notes of inspector/corkboard cards. Seems independent size wise of changes of cursor width.