Cursor flips back to beginning of document


On my new iMac Intel Core i5, with Mac OSX 10.7.1, I have a problem with the cursor of Scrivener (version 2.1 (14118)). When the cursor goes down through existing text it flips back to the beginning of the document after a few sentences. This is very disturbing, so disturbing that I can’t write my text anymore.
Does anyone know how to prevent this problem, or is it possible to repair this bug?


I’m not quite sure I understand - do you mean it flips back to the top while you are in the middle of writing? Or while you are using the arrow key to move the cursor down through the text? Could you please provide the steps to reproduce?

Thanks and all the best,

Yes, I have this too, and it’s driving me crazy. Whenever I try to click on a part of the document lower down on the page, it flips back to the beginning. And I cannot scroll with either arrow keys or mouse. I recently upgraded to Lion–could this be it? Scrivener is rendered unusable right now.