Cursor gets stucked in a window

I’m using the trial version of Scrivener for Windows on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits.
I have two drafts side by side with a vertical split and my problem is that the cursor gets stocked in one of the windows. If I click outside of that window, it only moves the cursor within that window. I can’t select the other draft, switch view, choose one of the drop downs from the menu. The only way I have found to access the menu or to change document is to focus on a different software and then click directly on the menu item or the other window when I focus back on Scrivener. I’m using a Wacom Tablet, I don’t know if this could have an impact.

I’m also having the same problem inside dialogue box e.g. I have to click outside Scrivener and come back if I want to go from Options->General to Options->Appearance.

This pretty much makes Scrivener unusable for me.

Scrivener currently doesn’t have wacom tablet support. They work for some people, but it really just seems to be pretty hit and miss. The work around is to switch to a mouse when using Scrivener, I’m afraid.

I think older tablets (with older drivers) may work, but for the most part, yes, Wacom tablets are not presently supported and exhibit this problem. Switching to a standard mouse or trackpad should fix the problem.

Interesting that they’ve gotten less universal with time.

Progress is in the details!

This may not be related to just having a Wacom tablet. I’m seeing some really weird focus-related behavior. It is pretty frustrating actually.

The issue I’m having seems to be related to having the Project Targets up, and switching windows (e.g. out to Trillian and back). I’m only using Scrivener, Remote Desktop Client, and Trillian when the problem has happened. I have the most current version of Scrivener for Windows (, and I’m using a regular USB mouse (a Razer Orochi).

It may have actually happened earlier today with just Scrivener open, with the Project Targets up as well, though I brushed it off and didn’t dig in then. This has happened to me three times tonight though, and I’d never seen it before this. Coincidentally, I just started using Project Targets today, too.

It also doesn’t happen EVERY time. But, once things get broken, closing the Project Targets window does not fix the problem. You have to completely exit Scrivener and re-open it to correct the problem (which resets the session statistics).

When it happens, the mouse doesn’t work outside the editor. Clicking in the binder, on controls in the toolbar, trying to edit the name of the current section, or open a menu just doesn’t work.

For Binder items, it acts like I clicked in the editor at the same Y coordinate, but at the far left edge of the editor. For menus, toolbars, or the name of the current section, it just scrolls the text up.

If I ctrl-tab, I can change the focus to the binder. Clicking with a mouse over in the binder at that point just moves the focus back to the editor though. If I ctrl-tab and then use the arrow keys on the keyboard, I CAN navigate in the binder.

Likewise, if I press Alt, I can get underlines on the menu shortcuts. Trying to click on a menu at that point just puts focus back in the editor. But, if I press one of the corresponding letters to open that menu, I can then use the mouse to pick a specific menu item.

Perhaps having separate editor windows for the original poster is getting things into the same state as having the Project Targets open does for me.

Edit: Updated text. Project Targets is actually the windows I’m talking about, not Project Statistics.