cursor jumps back during editing

My cursor was working normally while in Edit Scrivenings, but tonight it has started to do something strange. After I insert a word, as soon as I press the space bar the cursor jumps to the centre of the previous word. Does anyone know why or how I can fix this? Thanks.

ETA: I have just tried selecting “typewriter scrolling” then editing the manuscript. The problem disappeared – even after deselecting “typewriter scrolling.” Bizarre! I’m glad it’s fixed – but if anyone knows what causes the problem, please post anyway so I can avoid causing it in the future. Thanks again.

What you are describing is the Typewriter Scrolling feature. It intentionally keeps your edited line in the middle of the screen. Some prefer it for long writing sessions, as you don’t have to keep your eyes at the very bottom of the screen the entire time. For editing though, it can sometimes get in the way. Just toggle it on or off as desired.