Cursor Length and Word Count Options

i have only been using scrivener for a couple weeks, but am very impressed. i’ve thought of a couple of things, though, that would improve (for me) its functionality:

  1. adjusted cursor length when writing in double-space mode. the double-length cursor is strangely distracting.

  2. the ability to do a word count on a portion of a file would be great. love the dynamic word count at the bottom of the page, but if one could also count highlighted text–a day’s work, for example–that’d be really helpful.



Glad you’re liking Scrivener. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have no control over this. Scrivener just uses the standard OS X text system - sure, I have added some features such as annotations and resizable images, but the core is Apple’s code, the same as you would find in TextEdit. If you check out TextEdit or any other OS X app that relies on Apple’s text system (CopyWrite, Mori, DevonThink etc), you will find exactly the same behaviour. I’m not defending it - I actually agree with you - I’m just saying that it is something out of my control, I’ afraid.

You can already do this. Highlight a range of text and ctrl-click - the word and character count of the selection is displayed at the bottom of the contextual menu.

All the best,