cursor like needle in a haystack

Is there a quick way to locate the cursor in a screen full of text? Sometimes it’s like playing Where’s Waldo and can interupt a thought flow. I realize it blinks but it is so slim that it blends in with the surrounding text. An old trick I learned was to use shift+arrow key to highlight some text in its vicinity but that’s not not real efficient. I think Windows has a feature to locate an elusive mouse arrow by pushing a key combination and the area around it flashes. Someone in a recent post (I’ll search for it if it is necessary) included a link to software that focuses on the sentence or line that is being worked on (awesome idea!).

Is there any way in Scrivner to either adjust the cursor to be more conspicuous or, if not, push a key and make its location momentarily glow or flash?

Nothing yet, but I think if they can pull it off, some settings for adjusting the cursor width and whether or not it blinks are on the table. The setting you refer to with the mouse is a Windows thing. I forget exactly where it is, but you can set it up so if you hold down the Ctrl key it animates a halo around the pointer; handy on a laptop, but of course that has nothing to do with the cursor position. I’ve always use the Shift select trick myself for located an elusive cursor.

Okay, thanks. I’ve got it on my wish list headed for the north pole this December.

I only mentioned the Windows pointer feature as an example of what could work for Scrivner’s text cursor. Typewriter mode kind of helps with the problem but it can be disorienting when I’m not prepared for the screen to jump and align the cursor to the middle of the screen.

Hey, I think even going retro and using a block-style cursor would be better than the single pixel-wide line used now. I’m not sure I can overstate how frustrating it is at times.

If you go into Tools>Options… and click the Editor tab, you’ll see a block insertion point is an option, so that might help you out for now; you can set the width for it as well. Later we’ll also be adding optional highlighting for the current line which likewise might help, but that won’t be until post-1.0.

:smiley: Sweet! I’ve been in that menu probably a hundred times and can’t say I remember seeing that blatant option. This most certainly helps. Thank you thank you thank you!


Loving the insertion point’s thickness adjuster. Thanks again for the feature and for pointing it out. Any chance its color can be made to be adjustable, independent of font color?

Probably won’t be anything like that, as there is a planned feature that will change the cursor colour dynamically depending on what revision mode you are in, so a customisable version could conflict or produce confusing results.