cursor movement enhancement request

I love Scrivener for some forms of writing, and have already produced a radio script and a long magazine article with the Windows beta versions. I have also pre-ordered the full version. But there is one missing feature which keeps me from using it for almost everything: the limited text editing facilities. In Windows at least, it won’t move by sentence units, and I think this is essential in a serious writing tool.

Almost the first thing I do with any new text editor is to write or find commands to do four things: to move and delete by sentence – very often I get half way through a sentence, realise it is heading in the wrong direction, and start again with a swift ctrl-shift-backspace; less often, but still a few times a day, I want to kill to the end of the sentence – ctrl-shift-delete. Then there are the commands to move around the text in sentence units.

I have two more for being a bad typist – one to transpose the two letters around the cursor, and one to cycle through the different cases of a word. That clears up the TWo INitial Caps problem that my fingers have.

I would be happy to script these if there were any way to script the interface, though I suppose there isn’t. But I really feel that they ought to be in any tool which is used for drafting work, because these are operations you can’t write as quickly or fluently without. Perhaps they are built into the Mac’s text editing framework. I don’t know. But they are certainly absent on Windows.