Cursor moves too slow in the main text area

I just realized today that I spend too much time in waiting for the movement of cursor in the main text area. (The cursor moves faster in the synopsis area.)

To give a quantitative comparison, the time used for moving from the beginning to the end of the above sentence is 9.71s (in Scrivener Mac) compared to 4.13s (in the box of this webpage in Firefox). I understand Scrivener is a powerful and complicated software and may not run as streamlined as a plain text editor. But this is an significant issue for the user and needs to be addressed in one way or another.

Does it take much longer in TextEdit, doing the same thing? I’m assuming by the very long durations you mention, that you’re not using Cmd-Left to move the cursor to the beginning of the line, or Opt-Up to the beginning of the current paragraph, but rather pressing and holding the Left arrow key for however long it takes to move the cursor?

I know the CMD-Left shortcut. I made the example just to show the major difference in the cursor moving speed, not necessarily means that I often move from the end to the beginning of a sentence. Besides, for bullet list, this shortcut won’t work well in RTF-based documents.

Yes, I just wasn’t clear on whether you were getting multi-second delays with Cmd-Left, as that would obviously be awful.

How did the test go in TextEdit? For me, on a MacBook Air 11" running OS X 10.10, it took about 15 seconds to get the cursor from the end to beginning of the same line you were using. When I flipped TextEdit over the plain-text mode, I got an identical result, so the discrepancy you note between Firefox and the Mac text engine is not rooted in whether or not plain-text is in use, but just down to the general fact of testing in two completely different programming environments. Interestingly, I did not get a significantly different result in the synopsis field, as you reported.

True, Opt-Left or Right is probably best for overall paragraph navigation, and you usually want to be around a word boundary when moving the cursor, anyway.

Hi AmberV,

Are you sure you have set the “Key Repeat” to the most right in the System Preferences. If you do that, you will have full speed in any plain text area.

I tested with several different settings on that slider. At full right, it may be a little faster when TextEdit is in plain-text mode, but it’s not significant. It could be that a MacBook Air 11" is just universally slow at moving the cursor. Whatever the case, Scrivener should be performing at about what TextEdit does in rich text mode, regardless of computer speed.