Cursor moving to a different spot on the page while typing

I’ll be typing, and suddenly see I’ve typed a whole bunch of words in some seemingly random place instead of where I’d started. It happens mid-word, without touching (much less clicking) the mouse.

I write thousands of words per day in Word, Scrivener, Evernote, and Wordpress, and this only happens in Scrivener.

It’s not a sensitive trackpad issue, as I’m usually using an external keyboard that doesn’t have one when this happens.

I once had a similar phenomenon on my netbook, but not related to Scrivener. Once in a while the cursor would move randomly to a different place. I never really found out what caused this behavior, but I think it was either the mouse sending a random command (although not being moved) or it was some effect on the USB driver the mouse was connected with.

Although the problem on your side seems to occur only when you run Scrivener, it might well be caused by some other component of your computer, either software are hardware. I know, that doesn’t help you much, but you might extend your search to other components as well.

Think I might have mentioned it before, but a very easy way for something like this to occur is if the edge of your hand manages to push down the ctrl key, which is bottom left on many keyboards.

This is particularly likely to happen on a smaller keyboard as on a netbook or iPad no matter how fancy and nice that Magic keyboard is.

And then with all the key-maps in Scrivener, quite unexpected things can happen, often involving moving to other places in your text, and sometimes replacing whole areas.

This is where stopping a moment to use ctrl-z as your friend works well, to undo the wreckage.

To avoid this, you can simply make a habit of raising or arching your hand. This works even if you have a tendon issue, as I happen to have, thus have experienced the problem a lot.

It’s not Scrivener…happy to say :slight_smile:

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Maybe. Is there a control + key that moves the cursor up a few lines and puts it in the middle of a word?

I’ve got a touch screen with a driver that generates ghost-clicks on the screen. But that’s usually so bad that I can’t use the laptop any more and have to turn off the touch screen driver altogether.
Is your touch Screen generating clicks?

If it is, it’s only in Scrivener. I do a lot of writing in other apps and nothing like this ever happens, but it’s been happening in Scrivener for over a year.

Actually, should have mentioned that one good way for jumping to other areas of the screen is to let the hand touch the trackpad…very easy to do if you relax your hand too much, and in that situation, not something you’ll easily realize that you did…

I’ve been having the same thing happen on both my iMac and my MBP. They’ve been doing it a while.

The iMac has a separate keyboard of course and that makes it really unusual - the first time it’s happened on my iMac. I use a touch pad on the iMac, but it’s separate from the keyboard.


Thanks, but in this case I’m using an external keyboard with no trackpad.