Cursor only works in middle of the screen

I’m not sure what happened. But, I tried compiler with the required Kindle which resulted in a Word document. When I went back to work on my book, the cursor would only work towards the middle of the page. I believe I used to be able to access the whole screen when I was compiling with Epub 3. I want to make sure this is normal before I begin writing only to find at the end that it has been corrupted. I had no issues with mobi.

Whatever compile settings you use would have no impact on how your text editor works. Do you mean to say that when you type it always scrolls to the middle of the screen? If so, just turn off typewriter scrolling, in the View ▸ Text Editing submenu.

I’ve split this to a new thread since I did not see any relevance with the previous discussion and your question.

I went to “view” and clicked on 200%. That gave me the whole page.