Cursor placement - last line on screen

Hey there. I’m wondering if there is a way to control where the last line of typing falls on the display. I find that when I’m typing, I prefer to have my eyes towards the middle or top-middle of the screen. When I create a new page and start typing, as the words fill the page the cursor reaches the bottom and from there, the page scrolls up maintaining the cursor at the bottom of the page. Is there a way to tell the program to scroll the page from the middle or so of the screen?

I used to use Writeroom, and when you hit the bottom of the screen, the page jumps up so your cursor is in the middle. It also has a preference feature called “Typewriter scrolling” where it maintains the new-type line wherever you set it, no matter what. Anything like this in Scrivener (I just bought it, getting used to it, but it rules so far).

Am I making sense?

You are indeed, and you will find the Typewriter Scrolling option under Format>Options (shortcut Ctrl-Cmd-T). This is set separately for each of the split editors and full screen (i.e. you need to focus in the specific editor and enable or disable this option) and is remembered per project, although you can set your preferences to have Typewriter Scrolling on or off as the full screen default for new projects (this is on by default).

Also, thanks for buying and welcome to Scrivener and the forums!

Oh, that’s great! One question still: I’m in the page that I’m typing on, but that option is grayed out for me. What am I missing?

Typewriter scrolling only works in non-page-layout mode, so if you want to use it you will need to use regular layout view, not pages (this is true for WriteRoom, too).

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