Cursor position when CMD-Tab between Scrivener and other apps

Here’s a consistent problem with cursor positioning in the editor.

  1. Open a document in the text editor of Scrivener iOS. Note the cursor position in the text.
  2. Leave Scrivener (commonly I use CMD-tab to switch applications). In this case I am changing to Terminology.
  3. Search for a word in Terminology.
  4. Return to Scrivener with CMD-tab.
  5. The cursor position in Scrivener has changed, Normally it is a few lines above its previous position–I don’t know if this is consistent.
  6. In fact, the cursor position hasn’t really changed, only the visible cursor position has changed. The logical cursor position is where it was before. So, if you just start typing, the text appears at the previous location and the visible cursor is updated. Similarly, if you used the down arrow to restore the cursor position, the cursor jumps to the previous location, then does the down arrow and you are in the wrong spot.

This is probably not under Scrivener control, but it is irritating.

It drives me nuts too. I actually came to comment on the same thing.

I would also love it if we could make the left column less wide with the option to drag the width wider or narrower would allow us to have more room for the text we are typing.