cursor remains "stuck" w/ split screen & index

Using Scrivener in split screen mode with one of the screens in Corkboard mode, the cursor doesn’t automatically switch back to an arrow appearance until a new action is performed. For example: double click an index card to edit the synopsis then click the corkboard to de-activate that index card and the cursor will remain stuck in the text edit “I” appearance until you mouse over the split screen resize handle - or do another action that will call upon a different cursor appearance.

Minor bug, I admit, but worth posting I thought.

Scrivener doth rock!

Hi Jerome,

This is actually just a general OS X minor bug. You can see it in a lot of programs. Scrivener doesn’t do anything to manually change the cursor, it just lets OS X do its stuff automatically.

Thanks and all the best,

Sorry 'bout that. I learned about the general nature of the OS X bug after posting. I’ll make sure to research properly before posting stuff.