cursor select / text highlight anomoly

when i intend to select text then highlight an area the cursor becomes rather “active.” if i don’t place the cursor first with a click (and even sometimes after having done so) then highlight the text in a separate click action the mouse scrolls up or down and it’s difficult to pin it to text which is within a line or two of the first click. in a word file i can execute both the placement of the cursor and the selection of the text in the same click without losing control of the highlight. i suspect user error but am not sure how to rectify this. let me know if i need to clarify.

It’s not a bug it’s a feature: you probably have ‘Typewriter scrolling’ switched on.

It can be switched on/off with [CTRL]+[Windows]+[T]. Or via the menu, Format/Options/Typewriter Scrolling.

There are also settings in Tools/Options/Editor/Editor Options

thanks. that fixed the problem. wonder how i selected that. i’ll have to go back and reread the manual to see what that feature does for the writing in progress. who knows, i may be able to use it for something. :smiley: