cursor size and blinking -- along with DNS dictation support

In the OS-X version you can set cursor size AND whether or not you want the cursor to blink. I found where to set how big I want the cursor to be but there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn off the blinking. Why would you add one option and not the other? Is this a coding issue or has the feature been overlooked, axed, or have you simply not had time to pack it in? I realize its an OCD request on my part but could you please add it to the next build or as soon as possible? On behalf of all we sight impaired and handicapped writers it would be greatly appreciated.

Also (and I havent bought it yet because I havent needed to use it) but is there any official word on whether efforts are going to be made to make Scrivener for Windows compliant with the Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 12 API? I havent tried it with 11 which is what I own, but the Dragon Developers kit is free to download and you would score major points with the disabled community if you took the time to make sure that it is fully compliant. I know theres a laundry list of other things that take priority but if you could please at least look into how much work it would take to make Scrivener for Windows DNS compliant that would be a huge leap forward for handicapped users – because as far as dictation goes there is nothing better than DNS for windows and the professional version is worth every penny… I personally will be bidding goodbye to Windows for writing purposes entirely as soon as my dead mac can be replaced with a new one. But there are millions of people that use Dragon for windows and in terms of profit you would make a fortune by making the windows version DNS compliant and officially supporting it because dictation doesnt get any better than DNS for windows. If you really want to make money, contact me when you get to it and I will personally help you get Scrivener Dragon for Windows fully compliant. While I plan to move to Mac as soon as possible I keep a windows machine with the professional dictation package installed for when the day comes I can no longer use a keyboard. I cant see that day, but deep down I know its coming and would contribute testing time to help you make it compliant. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll spend as much time as it takes FOR FREE to help you. A coder I am not but there arent too many people that know Dragon like I do. I hate using it because its much harder than you’d think to compose your thoughts and talk your way through to a best seller but the time will come when I won’t have any other choice.

And make no mistake about it – I may still be a nobody as far as a paid novelist is concerned but I was using Scrivener many moons before most and in truth I love this program and the people that make both versions possible with a very large part of my heart. I’d do anything for the Scrivener team. Because they have done a hell of a lot for me. And I’m not kidding around. So if you have questions or if you need a user to help you get Scrivener and Dragon working together you let me know. Because I have the professional version, once it works well on my system it’ll work with EVERY version of Dragon. If you need me using the latest version just say so and I’ll pay for the upgrade and get it up and running. I’m a willing resource and I cant get out of bed so time I have. And helping out would be my honor.