Cursor size when composing w/ doublespace


I’m transitioning from Word, and, as I suspect is often the case, I’m having some troubles. I used Word during the entirety of receiving my Masters degree and throughout my doctoral dissertation. My only point here is that old habits die hard. I’ve always composed in a double-spaced document. I realize that I am now free to compose in a single-space environment and Scrivener will double-space automatically for me when I compile. However, I don’t like the look of the crowded screen, and would prefer to continue composing in a double-spaced editor.

The problem is that when I do so within Scrivener, my cursor is enormously, distractingly long. Do I just need to learn to compose in a single-space editor, or is there a fix for my issue?



This is the standard behaviour for cursor display on a Mac. You will find it in most any program that offer rich text formatting with line-spacing control. It is possible to fix it from the programming side however, and it will be fixed in a future update.

For now, yes, although I would say a third option is to just grow accustomed to the taller cursor, which may be easier than getting used to single-spacing. A fourth approach is to compromise a little. I don’t like single-spacing either, it is very crowded as you say, with most fonts. I also don’t like double-spacing, I like being able to see more text than this affords and it feels too airy—so I use something more along the lines of quarter spacing. It depends on the font, but a range between 1.1 and 1.3 is where I’m most at ease, and at a tighter leading the exaggerated cursor size is such that it becomes unnoticeable after a while (at least for me).

Last night, before reading your reply, I decided to do exactly as you recommended. I think I set it at 1.2, and that was OK. However, I do look forward to an update where this behavior is corrected.

Thanks for your time,


It’s a few months later and I just purchased the Mac version of Scrivener and love it. The cursor sizes is , however, immense in double-space.

I will try to go with 1.2 or 1.4 line spacing to fix the situation - but was wondering if ya’ll were still working on putting a fix in the actual program?


Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Mac version, thanks for picking up a copy!

As noted earlier, this has been fixed for the next upgrade. In the early test build I’m using, the cursor is already trimmed.