Cursor Size

I have a small problem with the size of the cursor. Is there a possibility to change the cursor size to something similar in Mellel or Word instead of the big one of Scrivener.

Is it the cursor that indicates the mouse/trackpad position that is too large, or the insertion point that sits in the text?

If it is the cursor, have you adjusted the settings in your System Preferences? One of the Universal Access options there (under the Mouse & Trackpad tab, in my version of Mac OS X) allows you to adjust the size of the cursor, so make sure that this is set to normal.

If it is the insertion point that is too large, is it possible that you might have changed the default insertion point to a block insertion point? If you go to Scrivener > Preferences… and choose the Editor pane, there are a couple of options in the top right-hand corner for changing the insertion point appearance. The first lets you switch blinking on and off, and the second lets you specify that you want a block insertion point rather than the default line (and also to specify the number of pixels to be used as the width of the block). Make sure that this block insertion point option is de-selected, and the insertion point should appear as a simple vertical line, which is how it looks in both Mellel and Word on my machine.

I hope this helps.

All the best,

thanks Astrid, the it was the scrivener setting.