Cursor Size

Okay so this probably won’t ever make it into the program, but I just thought I’d drop it into the suggestion box anyway.

When I’m writing in Full-Screen mode with my crisp green font and my black background I wish so much that I could change the size of the cursor (you remember the fat cursor from DOS). I dunno, call it nostaligia.

I’m not sure this is what you mean, but you can change the size of the cursor through System Preferences > Universal Access > Mouse. If it’s the insertion point – the blinking blob – you want to change, that’s in Scrivener at Preferences > Full Screen > Block width.

found it- thanks!

Is this a beta-only feature? I’m using Scrivener 1.0.3 and I don’t seem to have the option to have a block cursor…

Yes, it is new for 1.1 - you can download the 1.08 beta from the Beta Testing forum.

I’m new to the ways of the Beta - can I install it alongside a stable release?

No, most certainly don’t. :slight_smile: The beta will update the file format and if you try to update an updated project in the older, 1.03 release, it will corrupt the updated project so that it is not readable in either version (this is because of a bug in all versions prior to the current beta whereby Scrivener mistakes projects created in a newer version for older ones and tries to update them regardless). Of course, Scrivener makes a backup of the project as-is, so were this to happen you would still be able to open the backup and thus would lose no work. But the point is that you can’t do any back-and-forth between versions.

Incidentally, though, in this case the “stable” release is really the beta. It fixes several bugs present in the release version including a nasty one where 1.03 would consistently crash whenever you tried to access Project Statistics. The beta will become the release version before the end of this month, so it is very close to the end of its testing cycle - right now I’m updating the Help file for 1.09 and hope to release it tomorrow or the day after. If there are no bugs or mistakes to fix, that will become the release version a week or so later.


KB, thanks for the swift and comprehensive response. I’ll maybe install the Beta when I get home.

OK, I’m in full screen mode with a black screen and green font just like I’ve come to like from Writeroom. But the block insertion point is still black and I can’t see it unless it’s already sitting on text. How do you change its color?

It sounds as though you have changed the actual font colour to green. Instead, go to Preferences and, under the full screen preferences, check the “Override text color” box and change the colour next to it to green. You can leave the underlying text as black - this will just colour it green when in full screen. The “insertion point” is the blinking line in the text, note. The cursor that you control with your mouse is more problematic - it is supposed to take on the font colour but it doesn’t always; I’m looking into that.
All the best,

Worked perfectly, of course. Thanks and wow, quick response! Looks like Scrivener will be my new project tool!