Cursor stuck indented

I don’t use Scrivener that often, so forgive this very simple question, and it must be me. I was unable to find anything searching the forums.

I am writing away and start a new paragraph, understand I use this for writing my podcast script, and use a blank template.

I indent the first line and hit return.
I expect the cursor to return all the way to the left. However, it indents similar to the first sentence. I am not sure what I have turned on or other settings. Any ideas would be appreciated.

By hitting Return, you created a new paragraph and got a new paragraph indent.

Define the paragraph indent via the Format → Paragraph → Tabs and Indents pane.

For a script, you might consider using the Scriptwriting features instead. See Chapter 19 in the manual.


Very helpful thank you! I was bashing my head on my keyboard! Thanks again.