Cursor suddenly doubled in size

For no reason the cursor size has doubled in one of my Scrivener projects. Subsequently an unwanted spacer occurs.
How do I change the cursor to the size it was?

Me, I’d re-boot. Usually fixes these sorts of weird things that are probably caused by the macOS. Just a hunch though. As you didn’t mention, I thought I would.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I’ve ‘save preferences as preset’ for the specific project. Do you think I should re-boot my mac now?

Yes, I do. Frankly, I can only assume that the “save preferences” you mention won’t lose what you believe are saving as I’m not familiar. But re-booting a Mac is not a bad thing to do and should be done every so often anyway. I re-boot the iMac at least once a week, and fully shutdown MacBook when not using.

It may not fix the problem, but should be, IMHO, a first step.

Do you mean it’s doubled in size vertically with extra space between lines, or horizontally?


True, Macs can start to act a bit strange if they have not been rebooted for a few weeks.