Cursor takes up entire line[NOTED]

I suppose might be somewhat related to the disappearing cursor bug, but not quite. What happened is basically this:

I was typing away like normal, then went into options to turn off auto-capitalization. (The auto-capitalization might also be a bit off by the way, because it wanted to capitalize a word that was after a comma, no matter what I did.) I clicked “apply” and “OK”, then went back to my document. When clicking in the middle of a line of text, the entire line from that point onwards was black and blinking (but not the part that was on the same line, but before the place I clicked), obscuring what was written there. I tried going back and turning on auto-capitalization again, but it didn’t work, and then changing random options until it finally went away (when changing some colours under the “appearance” tab).

I use beta 1.3 on Windows 7. Apart from de-activating auto-capitalization I used split view and had one draft and one research document open. I also changed the language in the Windows language bar between Norwegian (default) and Icelandic back and forth a bit, and the text contains some special characters, but neither of these things have caused me any trouble before.

This bug has been logged in another thread: Cursor is a long black line…