Cursor Takes Up Entire Line [NOTED]

Almost, anyway.

I updated to the Oct 29th version of Scrivener, and discovered that the cursor is now a black bar that stretches from the proper cursor position all the way to the end of the line. If the line is blank, the cursor fills the entire thing. I think I will be rolling back to the previous version of the .exe until this is fixed.

I am using Windows XP, Service Pack 3 with latest updates.

I just had the same problem happen to me. Screencap:

Extremely aggravating. Anywhere you place your cursor, a solid black bar appears to the right of it that goes across the screen and flashes at you.

I got mine to go away by going in Edit > Options and resetting everything to the Default setting, but as I hadn’t made any changes there from when I was using it with no problems earlier in the day I have no idea why that would fix it. Anyway, that worked for me.

This can be fixed as found out in this thread.

Go to Edit -> Option -> Editor then under Editor Options untick the box that says “Use block insertion point.”

Would you mind changing the topic to …[Already reported] I think that makes things easier (in especial "screening " the forum for Lee and the team.



Thread title updated.

I tried the block insertion point fix, but it didn’t do the trick - I would check the box, click apply, discover that nothing had changed, and then go back into Options to discover that “Use block insertion point” was still unchecked. It remained so no matter how many times I ticked it and clicked Apply/OK.

In the end, I found that I’d saved my settings to a file a few versions ago. Reloading that file resolved the problem for me.