Cursor to PgDown position

There is an ancient flaw in mac word processing (at least so far as I encountered it) which is also present in Scrivener:

When pressing PgDown/Up, the screen moves down (or up), yet the cursor sticks to its original position and does not jump to the new location (as it did in DOS word). When typing, the screen jumps back to the cursor position.
This is really annoying when you are working keyboard-only (ie. fast) and want to jump to another location within the document via PgDown/Up.

Would it be hard to implement a “cursor-carrier” feature, so the cursor follows such a command as well?

Hold down the Option (alt) key while you page up & down. I don’t know if this behavior can be made the default (without using Option).

Excellent! Thanks a lot. Saved my day :slight_smile:

Edit @AmberV with the option to press Option, it is even better as it is now, thanks 8)

I think making that the default would require advanced keymapping. The FAQ has a topic on that in the advanced section, but it’s not for the faint of heart, and it would be a global change. Sometimes these sorts of changes have unintended side effects.

Some consider it to be a feature rather than a flaw. It lets you browse around and then snap back to where you were instantly, either with Cmd-J or with an arrow key movement.