Cursor too big?

Hi - new poster here, big fan of Scrivener.

I’ve somehow changed the settings for the cursor and I’m hoping someone can help. When I create (add) a new folder in my draft/binder and then click into it the first time, the blinking cursor line is way big - about twice the size of its “normal” version. When I click back into an older folder, the cursor line is smaller, the way I’d like it.

Can anyone help me reset this?


It sounds like your line spacing settings are set large in the “big cursor” document. Pop the ruler down (Cmd-R) and check the Spacing drop-down, it might be set to double spacing or something.

Hi there! Thank you - yes, this does seem to be the issue and if I change the spacing to single the cursor line is “small” again. However, when I start a new folder it jumps back to big/double spacing. I guess I’ve somehow set double-space as the default setting (probably when I was trying to compile my document for exporting) but I’d rather have it back to single.

Can you help (again)?

Thanks much.

Yes there is a preference, although you should be getting this behaviour for new text documents as well, there is no separate preference for folders and text documents. In the application preferences, select the Text Editing pane. You’ll find a sample text area at the top. Any ruler setting changes you make here will be applied to all new documents.

That did it –

Thank you!!