Curved lines

When planning, sometimes I’d like a curved line, like a big arc. I haven’t found a way to do this it Scapple. Am I missing something? If not, it’s my feature request. Kind of like Adobe Illustrator or other vector programs, it would be nice just to click on the line and drag the straight line into an arc.


No, there’s no way to do this and this sort of thing is way beyond Scapple’s simplistic approach and scope, sorry.

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Fair enough, but what about a more simple approach.

What about doing it through a background shape? Right now, we can have a square/rectangle.

What about adding a circle, triangle, horizontal line, vertical line, and most importantly an arc that we can resize and preferably move the end points?

Everything internally is set up as rectangles at the moment, so that would be require considerable underlying changes. That’s not a long term no, but it is a short-term one, sorry!

Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to listen and answer, even if you already have my money! 8)

Ha, no problem. :slight_smile: And 1.1 will feature some new additions that a number of users have asked for, just so you know that I don’t say no to everything!

+1 for curved connectors! It is 2022. That is the standard now.
Hopefully this product is still in development because it definitely has potential.


Curved lines not on the roadmap. That’s a bit dissappointing. It’s the only feature I miss. The reason is that to work around the straight lines in complex plots/workflows is time consuming and needs both experience and thoughtful design of colors and of the direction of the flow, to keep the lines and notes from obscuring or crossing each other. Someone in the forum wrote that they spend less time making a plot than rearranging notes and I completely agree, I am often doing that as well.
So here is a suggestion: If curved lines is not possible due to the underlying architecture of the software, could a workaround be to give the user the possibility to manually move the start- and endpoints of the lines between mid sides of the notes/shapes and the corners? Of course keeping todays automatic placement of start- and endpoints for basic mindmapping.
Thanks for an otherwise great app!


If software developer reconsiders this feature to implement, that’d be great which has already been 10 years. Thanks!