custom background in corkboard

I want to use a custom background for the corkboard which has a grid pattern in a different color from the ones that come with Scrivener.

I don’t know what size to make it.

I tried to find the ones that come with Scrivener to compare but didn’t see them in the program folder

What is the optimum size and DPI for this image? And can that image exist on another drive or would it be best to place it inside the Scrivener program?


The corkboard background will tile, so if you are just looking for a grid you can make it pretty small… a single square from your grid if you like… and it’ll work.

Far as I can tell from the pattern, the corkboard is a 512 x 512 px image which gives a good size for a “random” image tile without starting to look too much like it’s repeating.

DPI… the image is going to be used at 100%, so the resolution doesn’t need to be any better than the best monitor you’re going to be viewing it on. Just make sure it looks good at “100%” and you’ll be fine.

Scrivener will load up the pattern file each time it starts, so you should put the image file somewhere where it’s not going to be disturbed. I suggest the Resources folder within the Scrivener application folder itself.

That’s exactly the info I needed. I had put in a 150 DPI 8X10 image and it was redrawing sluggishly when I moved images on the corkboard.

ADDENDUM – I re-sized to a 96 DPI 405 X 515 pixel (and tiled as it had a pattern) as you recommended and it works smoothly now.
Thanks for the info