Custom chapter prefixes?

When I compile something, the chapters are all marked CHAPTER ONE, CHAPTER TWO, etc. I’ve found out how to remove the prefixes, but not how to change them. In my manuscript’s current state, the major chapters are referred to as Day One, Day Two, etc. and the minor chapters are referred to as Intermission One, Intermission Two, etc. Is there a way to set the automatic prefix function to accommodate for this? If I have to do it manually then I’m not sure Scrivener is useful enough to replace OpenOffice as my writing software of choice.

Essentially, you want to add Day <$t> or Intermission <$t> to the Prefix setting of the relevant level of your document. The manual goes into a great more detail and it’s probably worth you reading through the section on Compile, but the basic steps are:

File > Compile, All Options tab, left hand panel = Formatting

You should see the outline structure of your document in Levels.

What you do next depends on how you’ve set out the documents in the binder, but the basic principle is the same.

I’ll assume you have Level 1 folders for the Days, which have no text in them, and Level 1 documents containing the text of the Intermissions.

Select the Level 1 folder line. If you want the title to be Day , then check the “Title” box. If the Day has its own dedicated text, check “Text”. Otherwise leave them both unchecked.

Click on the Level Settings button.

In the first tab of the dialogue box, Title Prefix and Suffix type Day <$t> in the Prefix box. You can make various changes to the display of the title on the other two tabs. Exit the dialogue box.

Now select the Level 1 document line. Again, if you want the document title after Intermission One, check “Title”. You definitely want “Text” checked.

In the Level Settings > Title Prefix and Suffix > Prefix box enter Intermission <$t> and choose any other options.

Exit the dialogue box and you can now compile.

That’s basically it. There are a lot of options you can choose and you’ll probably have to play around with them to get it spot on, but that’s essentially the process.

BTW, the <$t> gives you the incremental number in Title Case. There are other options (e.g. <$W> = ONE etc). See Placeholder Tags List… in the Help menu.

Hope this covers what you’re after – it’s actually a lot more complicated to describe than it is to do!



Thank you, that works perfectly!

Excellent! Glad it helped.