Custom Data Fields metadata aeol timeline

Two questions:

1.Its possible now exporting aeol timeline to scrivener windows version?
2.Anyone now a practical use of metadata to cronlogical scene, knowing that this fields are text no numerical?

If by this you mean syncing data between AT and Scrivener, AFAIK AT’s author is working on supporting sync with Scrivener for Windows at this time, but there’s no ETA yet (as per scribblecode forum).

I personally use this feature to transfer AT’s events to Scrivener as a series of blank documents that help me correlate the sequence of events in Scrivener.

How do you do? can you explain more, thanks

It’s a very simple approach, actually. Every event in AT is synced to Scrivener and then I move them to the point in the novel where they occur.

Since the documents are blank, they don’t affect the output and they’re still visible on the Binder and the Outliner. I put a colourful label on them for easy spotting.