Custom data should add the ability to categorize

Custom data is very useful, when I build character, however, I found that I need to build so many projects, such as name, name, gender, state, nation, culture, religion, language, customs and habits, personality, age, sexual orientation, intellectual level, cultural level, relationship, title, reputation, property, address, family, appearance, body state, etc., all in all need custom project very much, and now the custom data can’t classification, cause I need to pull down the slider to find what I need for a long time.
At the same time, once the custom data is set, then all the documents, the whole project will automatically apply these Settings, but has very many items, actually don’t need to use the custom data, or need to use the custom of different data.
Therefore, I hope developers can consider classifying custom data into classes so that different documents can choose different custom data, while keeping the slider from sliding further.

We’ll give it some thought. My first reaction however is that this would add quite a bit of complexity to the software, for a thing that not many people would need to use (at least, we have not had many requests for something like this).

Have you tried using Keywords for this kind of information?

Also, you might want to think about what you’ll use the information for. You might, say, want to include education or intellectual level in a text description of a character. But do you need to find all of the characters with a given education level? Or sort a list of characters by education? Those last two situations are more what metadata would be used for.


Thank you. Come on

Keywords: I don’t need to use, I mainly use the custom data in the list and function of the checkbox, it can make our province to a lot of typing trouble, must I only need to click in particular option is good

I wonder if a document template for your character sheet might better serve the purpose than custom metadata. You could set this up with all the categories you need and all the options for each listed, then use a method like highlighting or typing an “X” or such next to the one you want to “select” for each category in a given character’s sheet. (Alternatively you could delete the unwanted options, which isn’t much additional work.) That keeps you from having to type out the information every time or even remember what the options were, but also limits all of this to only the documents that need it. And even if the list is long, you’d be able to use Find (Ctrl+F) within the document to quickly jump to whatever category you wanted to edit.

If you’ve started a project from a template like the Novel or Short Story, you’ll already have a templates folder set up with a couple of examples and you can edit those to contain the information you want. If not, it’s quite easy to set up by creating a new folder in the binder (anywhere outside the Draft), then selecting it and choosing Project > Set Selection as Templates Folder. Any documents you create in that folder then will be available as a template for new documents when you choose Project > New From Template (or from the Add dropdown menu, etc.). So if you’ve set up a character sheet in the Templates folder, you can then choose this as the template when you want to create a new file for a character, and all the information will be ready to start marking up.

Thank you for your advice. I think I have learned a new way to improve efficiency. I will consider this method carefully